Examples of what can be done with Datashader.

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  • census
    Population and racial data from the 2010 US Census visualized as scatter points.

  • gerrymandering
    US Congressional boundaries overlaid on 2010 US Census data.

  • landsat
    Hyperspectral satellite imaging data from Landsat8 visualized as rasters.

  • network packets
    PCAP network traffic data visualized as network graphs.

  • nyc taxi
    NYC Taxi data visualized as points, curves, and bars. Uses trip data originally from the NYC Taxi dataset but preprocessed using for convenience.

  • opensky
    OpenSky airplane trajectories visualized as points.

  • osm-1billion
    1-billion-point OpenStreetMap dataset visualized as points on a laptop, in memory.

  • osm
    2.7-billion-point OpenStreetMap dataset visualized as points on a laptop, out of core.

  • param dashboard
    30-line dashboard for datashader plots based on the Param library.

  • bay trimesh
    Rendering a triangular mesh of water depths in the Chesapeake and Delaware bay areas.

  • center distance
    Cities in the USA colored by their distance to the nearest distribution center.

  • uk_researchers
    Network graph of collaborations between UK researchers.

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